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Journal Bibliometric Report (2014)

The Journal Bibliometric Report is based on all publications in Medline/Pubmed that were cited by Medline/Pubmed publications in 2014.

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Journals for Education

For each journal, the table below lists the year of the most recent citable publication (Last Year); the total number of times citable publications were cited in 2014 (Total Cites); the average number of times citable publications from 2012 and 2013 were cited by publications in 2014 (Impact Factor); the average number of times citable publications from 2009 through 2013 were cited by publications in 2014 (5-Year Impact); the average number of times citable publications from 2014 were cited by publications in 2014 (Immediacy Index); the number of citable publications in 2014 (Articles); and the median age in years of citable publications that were cited by publications in 2014 (Cited Half-Life). Citable publications are those whose Medline/Pubmed type is "Journal Article", which in general includes things like original research, meta-analysis, and reviews, but does not include editorials or letters. The data in the table below includes self-citations.

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1Acad Med201727170.6090.5930.1623457Details
2Adv Health Sci Educ Theory Pract20172920.3330.4690.021956Details
3Adv Physiol Educ20172560.2820.3090.066617Details
4AIDS Educ Prev201710991.3101.6080.119428Details
5Am J Pharm Educ20178350.6630.6480.1091744Details
6Anat Sci Educ2017840.2300.2570.016643Details
7Annu Conf Res Med Educ198120.0000.0000.000034Details
8Biochem Mol Biol Educ2017390.1370.0990.000613Details
9BMC Med Educ20176890.6580.7360.2282943Details
10Br J Educ Psychol20171300.0750.2000.000288Details
11Br J Med Educ197530.0000.0000.000041Details
12CBE Life Sci Educ20173920.9470.9730.273664Details
13Cell Biol Educ2005650.0000.0000.000010Details
14Clin Teach2017600.2000.1940.0551282Details
15Compend Contin Educ Dent2017470.0150.0450.0001315Details
16Compend Contin Educ Dent Suppl200130.0000.0000.000015Details
17Educ Health (Abingdon)2017880.1590.2880.021475Details
18Educ Med Salud199540.0000.0000.000027Details
19Educ Prim Care2017400.1410.1000.000762Details
20Eur J Dent Educ20171090.1030.2180.000514Details
21Except Child2015130.0000.1000.000123Details
22Gerontol Geriatr Educ2017260.1130.0880.056365Details
23Glob Health Promot2017810.2020.2740.070864Details
24GMS Z Med Ausbild2015560.3880.2100.622371Details
25Health Educ198950.0000.0000.000028Details
26Health Educ Behav201710930.9731.0180.209868Details
27Health Educ Res201714000.6861.0390.075938Details
28Health Policy Educ198350.0000.0000.000032Details
29Int J Health Educ198220.0000.0000.000033Details
30Int J Med Educ201710.0000.0000.034290Details
31Int J Nurs Educ Scholarsh2017280.0500.0920.000205Details
32J Allied Health2017920.1090.1770.000465Details
33J Cancer Educ20174920.5700.5100.2151214Details
34J Chem Educ201720.0000.0000.000441Details
35J Contin Educ Health Prof20172780.2680.4070.056368Details
36J Contin Educ Nurs2017610.0210.0450.0191046Details
37J Deaf Stud Deaf Educ20171120.1760.3330.042246Details
38J Dent Educ20174120.1420.1710.0261528Details
39J Drug Educ20161420.1220.2850.000310Details
40J Educ Psychol2017210.0560.0890.0001145Details
41J Grad Med Educ201770.0070.0120.0002373Details
42J Health Adm Educ200860.0000.0000.000014Details
43J Med Educ2000890.0000.0000.000032Details
44J Nurs Educ20171260.0640.0690.0001448Details
45J Nutr Educ Behav20175450.5870.6330.1101005Details
46J Physician Assist Educ201790.0440.0650.000413Details
47J R Coll Physicians Edinb2017510.1230.1540.000633Details
48J Sch Psychol2017530.1520.2630.000334Details
49J Vet Med Educ2017760.1170.1220.000496Details
50Korean J Med Educ201710.0000.0050.000365Details
51Med Educ201716450.3820.4680.0642208Details
52Med Educ Online2017700.2500.3800.111453Details
53Med Princ Pract20172390.2320.2310.041985Details
54Med Teach201712140.4630.4930.0232625Details
55Nurs Educ Perspect2017480.0570.0740.000685Details
56Nurs N Z201610.0000.0000.00020116Details
57Nurse Educ2017470.0490.0620.013805Details
58Nurse Educ Pract2017570.0850.0880.000965Details
59Nurse Educ Today20174130.0900.1360.0051889Details
60Physiol Teach197710.0000.0000.000037Details
61Promot Educ2008400.0000.0000.00008Details
62Res Med Educ198830.0000.0000.000026Details
63Sch Psychol Q2017150.2550.2370.017591Details
Note: the data used by the tools on this page are derived from MEDLINE®/PubMed®, a database of the U.S. National Library of Medicine.