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Journal Bibliometric Report (2014)

The Journal Bibliometric Report is based on all publications in Medline/Pubmed that were cited by Medline/Pubmed publications in 2014.

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Journals for Tropical Medicine

For each journal, the table below lists the year of the most recent citable publication (Last Year); the total number of times citable publications were cited in 2014 (Total Cites); the average number of times citable publications from 2012 and 2013 were cited by publications in 2014 (Impact Factor); the average number of times citable publications from 2009 through 2013 were cited by publications in 2014 (5-Year Impact); the average number of times citable publications from 2014 were cited by publications in 2014 (Immediacy Index); the number of citable publications in 2014 (Articles); and the median age in years of citable publications that were cited by publications in 2014 (Cited Half-Life). Citable publications are those whose Medline/Pubmed type is "Journal Article", which in general includes things like original research, meta-analysis, and reviews, but does not include editorials or letters. The data in the table below includes self-citations.

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1Acta Leiden1992160.0000.0000.000024Details
2Acta Leprol200370.0000.0000.000018Details
3Acta Trop201727630.7701.1220.1442507Details
4Afr J Med Med Sci20151450.0920.1010.0001039Details
5Am J Trop Med Hyg2017111051.5491.6350.3364479Details
6An Esc Nacl Saude Publica Med Trop (Lisb)197110.0000.0000.000045Details
7An Inst Hig Med Trop (Lisb)197720.0000.0000.000038Details
8An Inst Med Trop (Lisb)196620.0000.0000.000048Details
9Ann Acad Med Stetin2014190.0000.0140.000408Details
10Ann Soc Belg Med Trop1995960.0000.0000.000027Details
11Ann Trop Med Parasitol201112920.0000.7740.000012Details
12Ann Trop Paediatr20112790.0000.4520.000010Details
13Arch Ital Sci Med Trop Parassitol197110.0000.0000.000046Details
14Asian Pac J Trop Biomed20141140.2590.2370.0192072Details
15Asian Pac J Trop Med20171880.3040.2940.0222782Details
16Bull Calcutta Sch Trop Med197320.0000.0000.000048Details
17Bull Inst Marit Trop Med Gdynia1998100.0000.0000.000022Details
18Bull Soc Pathol Exot20173140.1600.2160.0567211Details
19Bull Soc Pathol Exot Filiales19891200.0000.0000.000033Details
20Cent Afr J Med20141230.0000.0220.0001216Details
21Dakar Med2008270.0000.0000.000017Details
22East Afr Med J20155660.0000.1350.0009114Details
23Egypt J Bilharz197930.0000.0000.000040Details
24Ethiop Med J20162850.2760.3360.0006010Details
25Hansenol Int198930.0000.0000.000034Details
26Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol20171050.1000.1110.000715Details
27Indian J Lepr2015330.0220.0670.0001814Details
28Indian J Malariol2002420.0000.0000.000021Details
29Int Health2017490.4190.1890.114791Details
30Int J Lepr197390.0000.0000.000051Details
31Int J Lepr Other Mycobact Dis20051510.0000.0000.000023Details
32Int Marit Health2016190.0470.0840.000394Details
33J Am Mosq Control Assoc20168010.3980.4090.0375411Details
34J Am Mosq Control Assoc Suppl1990180.0000.0000.000026Details
35J Trop Med Hyg19952230.0000.0000.000025Details
36J Trop Pediatr20175750.4930.4330.015679Details
37J Trop Pediatr (1967)197020.0000.0000.000044Details
38J Trop Pediatr Afr Child Health196710.0000.0000.000048Details
39J Trop Pediatr Environ Child Health197970.0000.0000.000040Details
40J Vector Borne Dis20161990.2310.3430.082616Details
41Lepr India198380.0000.0000.000033Details
42Lepr Rev20161860.1690.2860.000389Details
43Malar J201766502.2122.4270.5025003Details
44Med J Zambia201160.0000.0770.000033Details
45Med Sante Trop2017180.0730.0730.057872Details
46Med Trop (Madr)197310.0000.0000.000042Details
47Med Trop (Mars)20121890.3200.1160.00009Details
48Mem Inst Butantan197630.0000.0000.000055Details
49Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz201722710.7900.8860.1341797Details
50Nihon Hansenbyo Gakkai Zasshi201630.0000.0270.00085Details
51Nihon Rai Gakkai Zasshi199610.0000.0000.000022Details
52Odontostomatol Trop2016240.0870.0720.000258Details
53Paediatr Int Child Health2017510.3140.3140.019522Details
54Parasit Vectors201722352.1901.7700.5915922Details
55PLoS Negl Trop Dis201767132.6222.7450.4597543Details
56Rev Biol Trop2015740.0260.0360.0071499Details
57Rev Bras Malariol Doencas Trop1986310.0000.0000.000050Details
58Rev Cubana Med Trop2012380.0940.0910.000012Details
59Rev Elev Med Vet Pays Trop1996350.0000.0000.000027Details
60Rev Inst Med Trop Sao Paulo20167040.5380.4970.0769213Details
61Rev Inst Salubr Enferm Trop196540.0000.0000.000058Details
62Rev Int Trach Pathol Ocul Trop Subtrop Sante Publique199750.0000.0000.000027Details
63Rev Invest Salud Publica197720.0000.0000.000038Details
64Rev Soc Bras Med Trop20178330.3480.3710.0581547Details
65Riv Malariol196790.0000.0000.000050Details
66Southeast Asian J Trop Med Public Health201610430.2370.2790.00825710Details
67Trans R Soc Trop Med Hyg201743620.9881.0780.18712313Details
68Trop Anim Health Prod20173130.1080.1300.0042256Details
69Trop Biomed20151580.2750.3010.0201004Details
70Trop Dis Bull1982210.0000.0000.000062Details
71Trop Doct20172790.1500.1920.012818Details
72Trop Gastroenterol2015980.1020.1110.000946Details
73Trop Geogr Med19951450.0000.0000.000029Details
74Trop Med Int Health201739891.2791.6750.2321776Details
75Trop Med Parasitol19951610.0000.0000.000024Details
76Tropenmed Parasitol1984580.0000.0000.000035Details
77Z Tropenmed Parasitol197360.0000.0000.000042Details
Note: the data used by the tools on this page are derived from MEDLINE®/PubMed®, a database of the U.S. National Library of Medicine.