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About Us

Profiles Research Networking Software was developed under the supervision of Griffin M Weber, MD, PhD, with support from Grant Number 1 UL1 TR002541 to Harvard Catalyst, The Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences and support from Harvard University and its affiliated academic healthcare centers.

More Information

For more information about Profiles RNS, please email the Harvard development team at We will try to reply promptly.

Harvard Development Team

The software implementation is led by the Harvard Medical School Information Technology Department. The current and past members of the development team include Nick Benik, Nick Brown, Niraj Desai, Paul Gomez, John Halamka, Ken Huling, Shashank Jain, Melissa Kenny, Kevin Laitinen, Kellie Lucy, Krishna Nellutla, James Norman, Rob Piscitello, George Rakauskas, Jeff Rosen, Michele Sinunu, Franco Valentino, Marlon Violette, Griffin Weber, and Steve Wimberg.

UCSF Development Team

The UCSF Profiles team includes Mini Kahlon, Leslie Yuan, Eric Meeks, Cynthia Piontkowski, Anirvan Chatterjee, Oksana Gologorskaya and Brian Turner. UCSF has developed innovative promotional strategies for research networking, assisted with quality assurance, and produced the new functionality in the Profiles RNS 2.0 release. Mini Kahlon and Griffin Weber co-chaired the National CTSA Research Networking Group, which led the efforts to create a national pilot to demonstrate interoperability among different research networking platforms.

Recombinant by Deloitte and Symplectic

We thank the teams at Recombinant by Deloitte (Kimber Barton, Nick Brown, Peter Emerson, Dan Housman, Mike Klumpenaar, Dave Legge, Mark Mischke, Matvey Palchuk, Chris Parisi, and Nancy Pickard) and Symplectic (John Gieschen, Jonathan Breeze) for their many years as Authorized Support Providers for Profiles RNS.