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Journal Bibliometric Report (2014)

The Journal Bibliometric Report is based on all publications in Medline/Pubmed that were cited by Medline/Pubmed publications in 2014.

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Journals for Primary Health Care

For each journal, the table below lists the year of the most recent citable publication (Last Year); the total number of times citable publications were cited in 2014 (Total Cites); the average number of times citable publications from 2012 and 2013 were cited by publications in 2014 (Impact Factor); the average number of times citable publications from 2009 through 2013 were cited by publications in 2014 (5-Year Impact); the average number of times citable publications from 2014 were cited by publications in 2014 (Immediacy Index); the number of citable publications in 2014 (Articles); and the median age in years of citable publications that were cited by publications in 2014 (Cited Half-Life). Citable publications are those whose Medline/Pubmed type is "Journal Article", which in general includes things like original research, meta-analysis, and reviews, but does not include editorials or letters. The data in the table below includes self-citations.

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1Afr J Prim Health Care Fam Med201860.0000.0000.097620Details
2Am Fam Physician201821860.4630.5960.0672099Details
3Ann Fam Med201819902.9572.4891.030666Details
4Arch Fam Med20004260.0000.0000.000015Details
5Aten Primaria20182130.1670.1480.0481249Details
6Aust Fam Physician20175550.2500.2630.0301676Details
7Aust J Prim Health20181160.4210.4980.125563Details
8BMC Fam Pract201813021.2121.4000.2002103Details
9Br J Gen Pract201824320.7430.9220.3852477Details
10Can Fam Physician201810510.3050.3830.3812365Details
11Colomb Med (Cali)2017190.2350.2350.000291Details
12Educ Prim Care2018560.1810.1380.000752Details
13Eur J Gen Pract20181500.5120.4570.029355Details
14Fam Med201810820.4100.5010.0451129Details
15Fam Pract201819590.9841.0740.167849Details
16Fam Pract Manag2018630.0680.0870.027377Details
17Fam Pract Res J1994340.0000.0000.000022Details
18Fam Process20183940.5710.5670.1075610Details
19Fam Syst Health20181190.5220.7300.052584Details
20FP Essent2018190.3700.3700.039511Details
21Heart Dis Stroke199460.0000.0000.000021Details
22Inform Prim Care20142210.5750.9000.000215Details
23J Am Board Fam Med20188851.0761.1140.2041034Details
24J Am Board Fam Pract20053660.0000.0000.000011Details
25J Fam Health Care2015140.0130.0270.000346Details
26J Fam Pract201810310.1560.1430.02213614Details
27J Prim Care Community Health2018680.4020.3230.055552Details
28J Prim Health Care2017670.3030.2200.059512Details
29J R Coll Gen Pract19891170.0000.0000.000033Details
30J R Coll Gen Pract Occas Pap198810.0000.0000.000034Details
31Lippincotts Prim Care Pract200040.0000.0000.000016Details
32NPJ Prim Care Respir Med2018110.0000.0000.229480Details
33Occas Pap R Coll Gen Pract2012140.0001.5000.000013Details
35Prim Care20183240.4850.5430.130546Details
36Prim Care Companion CNS Disord20181070.3020.3230.021942Details
37Prim Care Diabetes20182180.5650.7680.152664Details
38Prim Care Respir J20145041.0781.2920.643143Details
39Prim Health Care Res Dev2018780.4520.4460.069582Details
40Qual Prim Care20151120.4290.4690.057353Details
41Scand J Prim Health Care20185270.9081.0790.088347Details
42Scand J Prim Health Care Suppl200270.0000.0000.000024Details
Note: the data used by the tools on this page are derived from MEDLINE®/PubMed®, a database of the U.S. National Library of Medicine.